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Covered spill containment is an important safety measure designed to protect the environment and individuals against hazardous spills.

Don't let spills spoil your day - be prepared with spill kits!

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Some of our spill kits contain absorbent materials, gloves, goggles, and disposal bags to handle hazardous materials.

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60Ltr Drum Drip Tray – D 145cm x 84cm x 7cm

From £58.32 ex vat.
This low profile drip tray is ideal for areas where there is little or no clearance between the underside of

Empty Replacement Wheelie Bin – 660 Litre

From £271.30 ex vat.
Recyclable HDPE wheeled containers for indoor/outdoor storage of grit, sand, salt, chemicals, and spillage equipment. HDPE body and lid, UV

Hard Covered 2 Drum Bund Pallet With Lockable Roller Shutter Door – 230Ltr Bund

From £624.93 ex vat.
Manufactured from medium density polyethylene, this spill pallet has a hard cover and roller shutter door fitted with a central

30 Litre Evo Wood Absorbent Fibre – 70 Bags

From £304.99 ex vat.
Fire retardant recycled wood fibre absorbent. For use on industrial spillages and general cleanup duties. The lightweight loose particulate is

Spill Tray 10 Litres Yellow Platform – H15.5 x W40 x 30cm

From £40.41 ex vat.
From worktop to workshop. This 10 litre spill tray is the ultimate solution for containing spills when working with liquids

20Ltr Spill Tray/Pan with Removable Grid – D 60cm x 40cm x 15cm

From £65.81 ex vat.
Size – 60cm x 40cm x 15cmCapacity – 20LMax Load – 50KgWeight – 5Kg Spill trays can be used for

Double IBC Bund / 8 Drum Spill Pallet

From £1,115.04 ex vat.
Size – 2.45m x 1.45m x 58cmCapacity – 1140LMax Load – 4000KgWeight – 120Kg

Drum Tray/Pan for 4 x 25Ltr Containers – D 60cm x 60cm x 12cm

From £31.66 ex vat.
SKU: BT4/25
Dimensions:Internal Size: 52 x 52cmExternal Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 12cmCapacity – 32LMax Load – 200Kg *Please check the dimensions

Refill Maintenance Spill Kit 360 litre Wheeled Bin

From £213.89 ex vat.
SKU: M1200360
Kit Contains Absorbent Pads: 200 3m Socks: 13 Bag & Tie: 5 These kits are highly mobile solution when responding

Workfloor for 4 x 205Ltr Drums

From £313.59 ex vat.
Size – 160cm x 160cm x 15cmCapacity – 239LMax Load – 1000KgWeight – 45Kg

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