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Covered spill containment is an important safety measure designed to protect the environment and individuals against hazardous spills.

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Some of our spill kits contain absorbent materials, gloves, goggles, and disposal bags to handle hazardous materials.

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80 Litre Chemical Absorbent Roll 50cm x 40 mtr Yellow

From £36.81 ex vat.
SKU: C0405040
80 Litre Chemical Absorbent Roll 50cm x 40 metre Yellow Chemical spill kits will provide optimal initial response should a

Maintenance Spill Kit 15 litre Clip top Bag

From £18.08 ex vat.
SKU: M1290015
Kit Contains Absorbent Pads: 10 1.2m Sock: 1 Bag & Tie: 1 These kits are highly mobile solution when responding

100 Litre Maintenance Absorbent Sheet 50cm x 40 cm Grey – Pack of: 200

From £46.01 ex vat.
SKU: M0425040
100 Litre Maintenance Absorbent Sheet 50cm x 40 cm Grey – Pack of: 200 These kits are highly mobile solution

Drum Caddy

From £156.60 ex vat.
The Drum Caddy is heavy-duty, highly maneuverable & easy to use, and will handle 140ltr or 205ltr steel and/or plastic

Spill Tray With Grid – 63Ltr Bund – D 100Cm X 60.5Cm X 20Cm

From £59.12 ex vat.
A robust drip tray with removable grid which is ideal for the good “housekeeping” of small containers, ensuring drips and

Empty Replacement Wheelie Bin – 800 Litre

From £301.10 ex vat.
Recyclable HDPE wheeled containers for indoor/outdoor storage of grit, sand, salt, chemicals, and spillage equipment. HDPE body and lid, UV

Hard Covered Spill Pallet To Hold 8 X Drums Or 2 Ibc

From £2,384.64 ex vat.
Manufactured from medium-density polyethylene this spill pallet, designed to hold 8 x 205ltr drums or 2 x 1000ltr IBC has

20 Litre Recycled Clay Granules – 77 Bags

From £436.57 ex vat.
EVO DRI is an industrial absorbent comprised of 100% recycled gypsum in the form of granules. EVO DRI shows high

410Ltr General Purpose Absorbent Station + 2 Refill Packs

From £388.39 ex vat.
The fully stocked Absorbent Station provides an easy access centralised location for absorbent materials. The correct absorbent products are easily

Dispensing Tray & Stand For Use With Product Bb1

From £94.75 ex vat.
This overflow/decanting tray is designed for use with IBC spill pallets BB1 and BB1C. It helps to prevent leaks and

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