120Ltr Waste Oil Collection Pallet – 1 Drum

From £83.20 ex vat.
SKU: BT4/200
Dimensions:Internal Size: 111 x 111cmExternal Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 12cmCapacity – 120LMax Load – 1000KgWeight – 22Kg

Bund Pallet – 1 Drum

From £211.68 ex vat.
Size – 60cm x 100cm x 68cmCapacity – 250LMax Load – 350KgWeight – 22Kg

Bund Pallet Suitable For 1 X 205Ltr Drums

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Backed by our 3 year guarantee Even if you only have one 205ltr drum you need to ensure that it

1 Drum Spill Pallet In Yellow – H60 x W100 x 68cm

From £122.38 ex vat.
SKU: MJB-100-051
The first choice for static spill containment. Ideal when working with drums containing liquids and hazardous chemicals. 230 litre capacity