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Covered spill containment is an important safety measure designed to protect the environment and individuals against hazardous spills.

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Some of our spill kits contain absorbent materials, gloves, goggles, and disposal bags to handle hazardous materials.

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Drum Tray/Pan for 5 x 25Ltr Containers – D 80cm x 80cm x 12cm

From £45.11 ex vat.
SKU: BT5/25
Dimensions:Internal Size: 71 x 71cmExternal Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 12cmCapacity – 60LMax Load – 200Kg *Please check the dimensions

Spill Tray 30 Litres Yellow Platform – H15.5 x W80.5 x 40.5cm

From £44.59 ex vat.
From worktop to workshop. This 30 litre spill tray is the ultimate solution for containing spills when working with liquids

8Ltr Drip Tray – D 59.5cm x 39.5cm x 5cm

From £21.93 ex vat.
Ideal for general house-keeping and spill control this drip tray is manufactured from 100% polyethylene and is suitable for small

Drum Trolley for 1 x 205Ltr Drum

From £64.40 ex vat.
Size – 60cm dia x 12cmMax Load – 250KgWeight – 5Kg

Acid Neutraliser 500G Bottle

From £29.12 ex vat.
Acid Neutralizer powder quickly and efficiently neutralizes concentrated acid spills. The neutralization reaction generates harmless gases and the residue is

Portable Bund Ground Mat – 3500 X 3000Mm For Eb5

From £229.77 ex vat.
EB5 + EB5M pictured (EB5 sold separately) Base mat for use with our multi-function PVC containment bund EB5. Our base

Grid 1200mm X 1200mm – Suitable For RB1

From £54.76 ex vat.
SKU: R-R-Grid

Bund Pallet Suitable For 1 X 205Ltr Drums

From £130.00 ex vat.
Backed by our 3 year guarantee Even if you only have one 205ltr drum you need to ensure that it

4 In Line Spill Pallet Yellow Bund – H27 x W244.5 x 66cm

From £197.93 ex vat.
SKU: MJB-100-061
The first choice for static spill containment. Ideal when working with drums containing liquids and hazardous chemicals. 235 litre capacity

2 Door Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet with FirePro suppression – No charging

From £3,148.47 ex vat.
Engineered for the secure storage of lithium-ion batteries, this 2-door cabinet is certified to provide 90 minutes of fire protection.

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