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IBC Thermal Bubble Wrap Cover

From £140.40 ex vat.
SKU: K-15-1736
IBC bubble foil insulation covers are designed to isolate and maintain the temperature of an IBC Container (Intermediate Bulk Container).

IBC Topcover

From £378.00 ex vat.
SKU: K-15-1733
The IBC Top Cover is a universal lid that fits any standard 1000L IBC container. The topcover can be used

Insulated 205 Litre Drum Jacket

From £207.00 ex vat.
SKU: K-11-9862
The insulated jacket is designed as a jacket for at drum, isolating and maintaining temperature inside the drum. As for

Rain cover for BPFE2

From £92.87 ex vat.
This rain cover is suitable for the BBC1D spill pallet protecting the equipment from the rain will no longer be

Rain cover for BPFE4

From £92.87 ex vat.
This rain cover is suitable for most Double IBC Units. Stop rainwater colling in your bund by using covers. H

Waterproof cover for IBC Containers

From £236.70 ex vat.
SKU: K-11-9861E
This waterproof PVC cover is perfect to secure an IBC container against water in moist environments. The seams on the