Hard Covered 2 Drum Bund Pallet With Lockable Roller Shutter Door & Shelf – 230Ltr

From £656.81 ex vat.
Manufactured from medium density polyethylene, this spill pallet has a hard cover and roller shutter door fitted with a central

Hardcover Spill Pallet – 2 Drum

From £1,064.32 ex vat.
Size – 157cm x 100cmm x 211cmCapacity – 250LMax Load – 650KgWeight – 101Kg

Recycled Bund Pallet Suitable For 2 X 205Ltr Drums – 240Ltr Bund

From £132.17 ex vat.
Made from 100% recycled polyethylene (including grid) this spill pallet is fully compliant with regulations and has broad range chemical

Workfloor for 2 x 205Ltr Drums

From £226.97 ex vat.
Size – 160cm x 80cm x 15cmCapacity – 121LMax Load – 500KgWeight – 24Kg

120L Spill Containment Workfloor – H15 x W1600 x 80cm

From £124.58 ex vat.
SKU: MJB-300-001
Piece together the perfect solution. This small piece is part of our workfloor system, a raised, spill containing floor which

2 Drum Spill Euro Pallet Yellow Bund – H38 x W131 x 91cm

From £96.30 ex vat.
Using Euro Pallets? Ditch the platform. This drum spill pallet has been designed to perfectly fit a Euro Pallet. Ideal

2 Drum Spill Pallet Yellow Bund – H44 x W130 x 75cm

From £152.88 ex vat.
SKU: MJB-100-002
The first choice for static spill containment. Ideal when working with drums containing liquids and hazardous chemicals. 250 litre capacity