Blue Spill Tray With Grid – 66Ltr Bund – D 80.4Cm X 60.8Cm X 22Cm

From £63.90 ex vat.
SKU: R-ST66-Blue
A robust drip tray with removable grid which is ideal for the good “housekeeping” of small containers, ensuring drips and

Bund Pallet With 4 Way Entry Suitable For 4 X 205Ltr Drums – 250Ltr Bund – Blue

From £149.40 ex vat.
Backed by our 3 year guarantee Manufactured from medium density polyethylene this heavy duty spill pallet has 4-way fork lift

Covered Bund Pallet Suitable For 4 X 205Ltr Drums – Self Assembly – Blue

From £592.20 ex vat.
SKU: R-BP4C-Blue
Designed to give you the flexibility of using a poly spill pallet outdoors without the sump filling with rainwater this

Justrite Document Storage Transfer Tube for SDS – Twist-on Lid – Plastic – Red

From £22.50 ex vat.
SKU: J-S23305
Safely store manuals and documents in these weather-resistant polyethylene storage boxes. Each box is bright red for high visibility and

Storage Cabinet (With Lockable Door On Wheels) – Blue

From £212.40 ex vat.
A fully mobile lockable storage cabinet which can be wheeled quickly form location to location making ideal for first responders

Yellow Single Barrel Stacker Suitable For 25 – 50 – 100 & 205Ltr Drums

From £55.80 ex vat.
SKU: R-SBS-Yellow
Rotationally moulded from polyethylene one side of this cradle is used for dispensing liquids from 205ltr drums in a horizontal

Plant Nappy Liner 500mm x 685mm

From £18.90 ex vat.
SKU: V3910507
The smallest of the range which has proven popular with operatives as a means of very portable spill containment when
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Plant Nappy Liner 1000mm x 685mm

From £27.90 ex vat.
SKU: V3911007
The Medium Plant Nappy is a very popular size due to it’s vast array of applications, small enough to be
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Plant Nappy Liner 2000mm x 1370mm

From £85.50 ex vat.
SKU: V3912014
The Large Plant Nappy offer environmental protection for large plant and equipment without loosing portability, weighing just 5kg un contaminated,
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